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Our commitment is to improve the lives of children and families who are faced with travelling a journey that is different from others. Along the way, we help find the road map that suits their specific needs. And we are so glad to be a part of this beautiful journey. This is what our families have to say about us.


Mathilda's mum | Malaysian in Phnom Penh

"Am glad to have found this team in Cambodia! They have been helping my little girl to improve her speech (delayed in speech) and also OT in improving her other delayed skills. Am thankful to Mythili and especially Greeshma in her guidance and her patience in teaching my child. If any of you have any doubt on your child's milestones or progress, do talk to them. They will be the best person to give u some guidance. Would recommend them!"



Zayne's mum | Kenyan living previously in Phnom Penh

Excellent ABA service providers. Professional and meticulous. The Behaviour therapist was amazing and patient with our son and he learnt a lot from her during their sessions. I would highly recommend them to any family looking for behaviour therapy.


Kindergarten Teacher | Australian in Phnom Penh

Smilestones have been providing individual therapy to students at the International preschool that I work at for around 2 years now.

As the homeroom teacher of a number of those students, I have been able to observe the bond and trust develop between the kind and nurturing therapist and the child and their support network.

Both the director and therapist take time to learn about the child’s individual needs and works hand in hand with the parents and the teacher to help the child reach milestones that may have been impossible without intervention.

A stand out element is the way Smilestones communicate with families, who very frequently have been ashamed and frustrated feeling their child is ‘different’ or ‘naughty’ but reluctant to have their child labeled. Smilestones help alleviate the stigma surrounding developmental challenges, not only within the family but in the school and wider community as well.

My first hand experience of the difference they have made in a child’s life has been astounding, and the parents of those children are often moved to tears seeing their child’s development and just being listened to without shame or fear of embarrassment.

I would highly recommend Smilestones for their warm hearted and non-clinical approach to therapy. Children can attend sessions in a place that is comfortable to them, including their school, putting the child quickly at ease to gain optimal results.


Annie's dad | British in Phnom Penh

Having a 2 year old girl , who we diagnosed autistic . The options are are limited here in Cambodia. We were recommended to Smilestones by her preschool. And the results so far are good and our confidence is high. She is happy, and extremely bright and her speech therapist is very skilled in her development. And the team at Smilestones are excellent. Highly recommend.


School Principal | Japanese in Phnom Penh


(Translated by Google) I am an early childhood educator. We are indebted to our children with developmental disabilities, but our therapists with generous support and excellent skills are instructing them. I feel that my children are growing up. I think I'm lucky to meet such a wonderful company and therapist during the important period of my childhood. There are many things to study as early childhood education. I am grateful. I highly recommend it.

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