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In-Home Integrated therapy

Our therapy is 100% transparent and we do not subscribe to the idea of closed door therapy sessions. Within a reasonable distance, our SLP/RBTs can provide Integrated therapy at the comfort of your home. When a caregiver/parent is able to sit in on these sessions, they can generalise strategies and tactics used by the therapist in daily situations to get the outcomes they haven't been able to before. 

In-School Integrated therapy

Co-ordination with a Class teacher/shadow teacher/aide who will be in close quarters with the child during the day at school is another important aspect and if the student is being assisted in this way, our SLP/RBTs will be more than happy to allow them in the sessions to get ideas on how to handle the child in the best way specific to their needs. The discussions and ideas will help to give the teachers a specialist's advice on how to achieve converging goals. 

In-Centre Integrated therapy


Smilestones is happy to announce that we can now offer in-centre therapy facilities too. We can plan your child's therapy schedule at our centre, which is centrally located at Rose Condo in Tonle Bassac area. 1 hour sessions are minimum and our centre also has some wide open space to play outdoors, a wooden playground where the therapists will be able to take them if required. In addition, we also have a swimming pool that is a much loved activity of children on the spectrum and monthly plans can be discussed.

What's New!

Group Speech Stimulation Sessions


Due to COVID lockdowns and lack of normal social interactions, there has been devastating effects on children’s language and milestone development. We are seeing an increasing number of children who are seemingly normal, but lack the skill to speak and socialize appropriately. Smilestones can help! We are now providing Group Sessions for Speech Stimulation to help your child pick up what they have missed and hit their milestones so they can start to communicate with you and the world around them. Let us empower you to be able to bring about your child's development. 


*Ideal for children who have not yet joined school, or in addition to school as a specialised support. Kickstart their communication journey! 

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