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Meet our staff

Our therapists are dually qualified and have been handpicked by our BCBA to bring you quality ABA therapy, that is closely monitored by the BCBA to maintain the standards required by every International ABA programme.
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Hi I’m Komal!

From a very young age I have been interested to help others and have taken keen interest in service of different kinds, for people in need. However, there was one kind of person that always baffled me. I was totally unable to understand individuals with special needs and it was very intriguing to me. I then identified the skills that I lack to be able to do this and worked towards getting my degree at Samvaad Institute of Speech & Hearing under the guidance and training of Mrs. Radhika Poovaya. This opened up an entire world into the minds of these children and there are no words to explain the joy and satisfaction of now being able to help them communicate meaningfully with their loved ones. This is a great motivator to do better and try harder to make a difference in people’s lives.


I have 5 years of hands-on experience providing ABA & Speech therapy to children and adults with disabilities. I am also a certified RBT and look forward to helping your child and your family hit milestones clearly in sight with ABA assistance!    

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Hi I’m Baladharshine, but you can call me Bala!


I have grown up around the conversation of special abilities as my mother runs a center for Special Needs children and I have always been interested in this field. I wanted to go the next step and learn about more effective methods than the ones that I was used to. And my search led me to Samvaad Institute where Mrs. Radhika introduced us to the world of ABA therapy. It enhanced and upped my skills immensely. Using the specific tools and techniques of ABA therapy, I feel enthusiastic to be able to help children and adults learn behaviours and acquire the social skills they may be missing.


I bring my proficiency and experience of 5 years as a Speech & ABA therapist coupled with my desire to help and provide service to those who need it. See you at our Centre!


“Hey there, I'm Bhashitha, but most people call me "Bhashi"!


I’m from Sri Lanka and happy to be in Phnom Penh, I already love it here. From a young age, I've been drawn to helping people, especially those facing unique challenges. It's something that's been a part of me since as long as I can remember, thanks to the amazing people I've been lucky to know. This path led me to discover the incredible world of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.


My journey is fueled by a deep curiosity and a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals with special needs. This passion led me to Samvaad Institute, where I had the privilege of learning under the guidance of Mrs. Radhika Poovaya. Thanks to this experience, I gained valuable insights and even more valuable experiences in the world of ABA therapy and its amazing potential.


My goal is to create a fun and efficient learning experience for kids who might be struggling, helping them gain independence and confidence. By using the special tools and techniques of ABA therapy, I'm dedicated to helping children and adults develop crucial behaviors and social skills. 


With a solid 4 years of experience as a Speech & ABA therapist, I bring both expertise and a heartfelt commitment to this important work. I can't wait to be part of the journey to make a real, positive impact. Let's work together to make learning a joy and independence a reality for these incredible individuals!” 

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